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A guide for youth to leading a good life

Success never comes overnight. Most of the people who aim to reach great heights just see the glances of happiness, wealth, and a great career but ignore the hard work and years of hustle required for it.

An avid philanthropist and author Subrata Roy Sahara has played a major role in motivating the youth and empowering the nation. He has made commendable efforts for nation-building and upliftment of the citizens. From adopting families of Kargil martyrs to waiving off the tuition fees of students at CSD Sahara Academy amid the pandemic, he has always stood as a shield for the people.

To be successful, one has to use each day as an opportunity to improve and get better. A few words of wisdom by Subrata Roy Sahara in his renowned books like Life Mantras and Think With Me have greatly motivated and convinced the readers to achieve peace, happiness and attain continuous progress. Listed below are some of the famous lines to motivate the hustler in you:

‘Success in life largely depends on the degree of knowledge’- It clearly describes that your current position is based on the skills and knowledge you possess.

‘Big and continuous achievements without strict discipline are not possible’- To achieve big in life, discipline is the key, because without it everything is wasted.

‘Adapting to changes in lifestyle is of prime importance’- The one who is able enough to change himself as per the circumstances becomes stronger and immune for bad times.

‘When you admire and respect others, you can be sure that you will get love and affection in return’- This beautifully defines the law of karma, what we give is what we get.

‘Knowledge needs regular practice’- To enhance your level of knowledge and attain your goals, up-gradation of knowledge is necessary from time to time.

Saharasri has shared the science behind his success and ideas that made him unstoppable even after facing numerous challenges and hardships. He has always focused on gaining knowledge and using it for the betterment of all. He firmly believes that the feeling of progress in efforts is the single most motivating variable for fulfilling your goals.

A motivated person tends to be more curious and devotes more time to figuring out the solutions. If a person actively pursues personal interests, he will find it easier to naturally acquire the skills and knowledge needed to lead a good life.

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