Abb Big Boss 14 dega 2020 ko jawaab - Low on ratings and content

Big Boss 14: Low on ratings and content

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When Big Boss 14 promos came out with Salman Khan saying, “Abb Big Boss 14 dega 2020 ko jawaab”, no one had anticipated the lack of interest, content, and story in India’s leading reality TV show. After its premiere episode on October 3, BARC released its viewer rating at 2.1 – arguably the lowest TRP for the first episode in 14 seasons. That said, Weekend ka Vaar continues to be a savior for Bigg Boss 14 with Salman Khan’s banter, heated arguments, and charm.

Bigg Boss 14 has made a new record of eviction and re-admission of contestants. While Rahul Vaidya, who walked out citing “homesickness”, is reported to be the latest re-entry, Kavita Kaushik, Nicki Tamboli, and Aly Gooni have been a part of the same list. The lack of true bonds of friendship, love affairs and stretched petty fights allegedly forced the show makers to invite old contestants.

Cited by many viewers as a dull season, Big Boss 14 house saw the entry of Rakhi Sawant, Manu Punjabi, Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan, and Kashmira Shah in the first week of December. The formula has reportedly worked for the creators as episodes have registered improved ratings owing to Vikas Gupta’s eviction for pushing Arshi Khan in the pool, new catfights, and Rakhi Sawant’s Twitter support.

Outside the house, dedicated viewers have taken Twitter by a storm with a constant flow of posts including videos of Rakhi Sawant, Vikas Gupta’s post-eviction explanation, and Rahul Vaidya’s cowardice on leaving the show for a ‘silly reason’.

The over-crowding of Big Boss 14 house has stirred rumors about an extension till February. This is quite possible as Bigg Boss 13 was extended for five-weeks before Sidharth Shukla won the edition. Currently, the title race includes Nikki, Aly, Vaidya, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin, Eijaz Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Manu Punjabi, Arshi Khan, Rahul Mahajan, and Kashmera Shah.

Big Boss 14 new episodes are available on Colors at 10:30 PM and the Voot app.