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AI-powered drones – An ocean of opportunities

Drones and artificial intelligence (AI), both in their own capacities, are changing the lives of humans forever. Leveraging the innovation, there are several start-ups that are working in the direction of developing the technologies through the amalgamation of both – drones and AI.

Mumbai-based Martian Way Corporation provides services like drone rentals, drone/aerial banners advertising, aerial photography and many more to several industries, schools and universities, etc. The company also provides software and AI embedded products that power drones and other automated systems.

Insight Robotics backed by Beyond Ventures and Linear Venture is another prominent start-up that works on AI concepts to increase the range of thermal sensors. The firm provides for a pipeline, electrical fault and pipeline detection. It also develops robotics technology to provide for industrial uses.

Drones or to loosely call them flying robots, today are primarily controlled by human pilots. However, controlling of drones by humans has certain limitations associated with it such as the incapability of analysing video footage received from several drones in real-time.

AI-enabled smart algorithm can help the drones in reading, analysing and predicting data by themselves. For instance, intelligent drones can examine the footages they capture and the data they receive in real-time.

Today, we are only able to use drones in areas that are easily accessible by humans. However, AI-enabled drones will be ready to serve in the areas in remote locations as well. For instance, in the field of warzones, AI-powered armed drones can identify the targets on their own and can attack without any human interventions.

Drones based on AI are the future and the start-ups working in the direction are the agents for achieving the desired future.