Best Treks In India for Adrenaline Junkies | STORY PIVOT

Best Treks In India for Adrenaline Junkies | Story Pivot

Best treks in India

Trekking is one of the most fascinating ways to make your life a beautiful experience. It is about witnessing the depth of nature’s best pictures while exploring it in an amazing way. Trekking is a skill that everybody wants to be perfect in. Millions of trekkers from all over the world set their foot on the breathtaking soil of India for experiencing its trekking beauty. Over the last two decades, the South Asian country has made its name among the most amazing places for trekkers. Let’s talk about some of the best treks in India for trekking enthusiasts.

Kanchenjunga Trek

kanchenjunga trek

Without a doubt, the world’s third highest mountain is an ideal destination for wizard trekkers and mountaineers. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is defined as 8-10 days of blissfulness in the lap of mother Himalayas. Located in the Northeastern state of Sikkim, the trek begins at Yuksom, a beautiful tiny village where one finds the soul of nature. Although the trek is a little challenging, the awe-inspiring trails make the journey an unforgettable memory while being a witness to the highest peak of India– K2.

Chadar Trek

Witness the incredible assortment of adventure and amusement while walking through the spectacular trails of Zanskar George, popularly known as Chadar Trek. Based in the Ladakh region of Northern India, the trek is all about picturesque landscape, snowy mountains, and the calmness of Znaskar River flowing down the Himalaysn valley. The best time to trek in Chadar is December to February, for you will find a completely frozen environment.

Pin Parvati Trek

parvati valley trek

Pin Parvati is certainly one of the most sought-after and on eof the best treks in India, thanks to the magnificent scenery and incredible serenity that it offers. Lead an adventurous dream while trekking in the astonishing medley of greenery from Parvati Vallry in Kullu to Pin Valley in Smiti. The magnificence of Mother Nature is at display it its finest form in Pir Parvati Valley that is adorned with the pleasing sound of the sacred Parvati River. At 4900 m, the majestic Himalayas is at its wonder best.

Stok Kangri Trek

stok kangri trek

When it comes to having the most exciting experience in the midst of snow-packed mountains, Stok Kangri tops the list. With the maximum elevation of 5000 m, the Ladakh-based trek begins at Leh, one of the most amazing tourist destinations in India. In this stretch, one can experience everything, from luscious vegetation to freezing valley to delightful river-flow. Undoubtedly, one of the most fascination and best treks in India

Pangarchulla Peak Trek

Experience the most splendid colors of the Himalayan Mountains in the valley of dreams. Pangarchulla fetches you to the epitome of euphoria in the way to explore 25 km of trekking beauty. In the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, the trek offers some of the most wonderful sceneries of Oak forests, lush flora, snow-laden Himalayan peaks, and numerous things to turn your journey into bliss. One can visit the trekking sight all year round.

India is blessed with beauty, thrill, and trekking potential of the first order. One can witness all these at any of these trekking sites across the country. These are among the best treks in India for you to explore the beautiful adventure in the middle of Himalayan wilderness.

Not just Trek, but India is also famous for it’s long coastline and coastal beaches. One of the most famous tourist spot is GOA. Also read about it and plan your next vacation accordingly.


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