Bloggers and #instatravellers boosting the hospitality industry and how!

Bloggers and #instatravellers boosting the hospitality industry and how!

Hashtags like #travelingram #phototravel #instatrip #luxuryhotels are attaining millions of impressions on Instagram lately. Looking at that, one can’t say that the business-generating power of Instagram is overhyped, as the famous social media portal has helped boost the travel and tourism industry quite massively.

It is believed that the tourism industry is going to undergo a wave of change, and riding on the same wave would be the hospitality industry as well.

Instagram is a great platform to uniquely place your brand, and its offerings in a way that it calls a tourist frenzy. To distinguish themselves against more traditional competitors, hotels now have a great way to draw attention to their openings through it.

When it comes to the fierce competition for moving up the luxury ladder, hotels have a great advantage on Instagram due to its well-positioning to provide brands with a medium for explosive growth. It can significantly impact the hospitality industry as it combines the two most powerful aspects of social media— that is imagery and sharing. Being particularly popular with travelers, great photos undoubtedly grab attention, convey a sense of place, and inspire people to visit.

Today’s influential marketing is nothing like yesterdays! Consumers are digital natives, spreading word of mouth exponentially faster than conventional tools, reaching millions of people across the world with just a click. The best thing is that it is free, uncluttered and highly effective.

Industry experts believe that taking photos and videos that are authentic and relevant to your hotel is the best way to grab attention. They believe that the best kind of posts are the ones where you can share your guests and staff in their element. Behind the scene pictures of the chefs preparing the best delicacies, or the guests simple enjoying by the pool, those pictures really bring out the true explorer in you, making you want to experience the services.

It is equally important to continuously reinvent the hotel practices as per the elusive traveler needs. Moreover, it is not just about business, but building a closely-knit digital community where people come together, share and rejoice hotel offerings, and get a sense of inclusiveness.

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