Brazil’s mismanagement of COVID-19 makes it a new global hotspot

Brazil’s mismanagement of COVID-19 makes it a new global hotspot

Brazil’s mismanagement of COVID-19

Surpassing Germany, Brazil becomes the 6th biggest center of confirmed Coronavirus cases in the world. The South American nation now has more than more than 2.1 lakh cases, expected to increase in the coming days. Although the number seems to be still not alarming when compared to the US, with a similar population, which makes it even worse is the deaths per million. Currently, Brazil has reported just above 14,000 deaths, rising significantly in the last few days.

How is Brazil in such a situation?

Not many have expected Brazil to have so many COVID-19 cases a couple of months ago, not even president, Jair Bolsonaro. But the situation here is Brazil’s severe crisis. Global experts blame the political mismanagement as the biggest reason behind Brazil’s failure in containing the novel disease. The president was never in the favour of a complete lockdown. In fact, he never believed Coronavirus as a threat, and thought it just like a common flu that will disappear with time. Even recently, Mr. Bolsonaro targeted state governments in his country over his wish to reopen gyms and beauty parlours despite his country becoming a global hotspot for the pandemic.

On 12th May, Brazil recorded 881 deaths in 24 hours, its highest in a single day. When most of the European countries have started to lift lockdowns with the situation in control, Brazil experiences a rise in Corona cases. President Bolsonaro has constantly been criticizing states for their decision to bring lockdown. In an unexpected incident, he announced gyms and hair salons as “essential” services that will be exempt from lockdowns, despite knowing these involve high chances of physical contact. It seems Bolsonaro cares little about people’s lives, but more about the economic damages.

The right-wing president wrote on social media, threatening states if they don’t follow his orders, “Governors who do not agree with the decree can file lawsuits in court.” While the circumstances look not so promising, what the government of Brazil needs to understand is that they need some sensibility, and enforce a complete lockdown in the country till it recovers from the horror.

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