Bringing the change through fourth revolution – Artificial Intelligence

Bringing the change through fourth revolution – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

A few years back when asked about Artificial Intelligence (AI), many imagined it as a science fiction movie based on robots completing all the tasks for humans and machine ruled future — in short, visualizing the concept of AI as the thing of future and not an idea of the present.

In contrast, driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI has penetrated almost every sphere and industry at present. It is everywhere around us, not only limited to laptops, smartphones, cars and homes.

While a few years back, only the big companies were able to invest in AI technology. With the rapid advancement and development in AI, start-ups and budding businesses are embracing the technology more than ever before and are moving towards the significant change in AI technology.

Several studies suggest that global investment could touch $15.7 trillion in AI technology by 2030. While AI is affecting almost every industry, logistics and automotive industries are the ones to gain the most from it.

Although each revolution has affected the railway industry the most, AI is expected to transform the landscape of railways. It is expected to foster the growth of the railways by enhancing the connectivity through seamless automation.

Drones, on the other hand, are changing the lives of humans forever. They are generating a lot of data through capturing images and videos and are used across the industries for surveillance, logistics and many more. AI-based drones are offering a solution to such tasks through automation.

It’s been more than a century since cars have been carrying humans along. AI and self-driving cars are often talked complimentary with each other. Many believe that autonomous vehicles are the future; several companies and start-ups are working for developing AI and self-driving technologies.

Moreover, technologies like Face recognition existed even before the coming up of AI. It enhanced the capability of Face recognition to create a smart system to map the geometry of the face accurately. They are used across the industries – surveillance, medical centers, etc.

AI is already helping humans in reducing the risk of errors. The AI-enabled systems are learning and getting smarter with time, which will result in better results. Besides, start-ups and investors are coming up with a significant change through developing and improvising AI technology across diverse industries.

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