How the world needs to act! COVID-19 enters least developed countries

COVID-19 set to enter the least developed countries. Here’s how the world needs to act!

COVID-19 set to enter the least developed countries

With Coronavirus crossing borders and nationalities, some of the countries have shown a greater and better response. Talking about countries like South Korea and Japan, they have done a marvelous job in fighting the deadly disease. Their public health response has been splendid and praised by many across the globe. But not all countries have the infrastructure development that these nations have.

The most worrying sign, however, is coming from those countries which have poor medical facilities and infrastructure. About a billion people live in the Least Developed Countries (LDC) as declared by the UN. Although a few countries have tried to fight the Coronavirus by restricting any external movement and closing all tourist destinations. This is not enough, since many of them do not even have sufficient intensive care units. With governments in advanced economies announcing medical assistance, the world as a family should not neglect those in need.

Here are a few measures that the global community as well as governments in those countries should come up with.

  1. Strict implementation of social distancing

Doctors and specialists from around the world are asking people to maintain social distancing. Thus, it is  important for these countries to implement this by shutting down all schools, events and businesses. Working from home should be the best way to avoid social gatherings in the workplace.

  1. Expansion of personal protective equipment and testing capacity

South Korea is an example in the field of curbing the spread of disease. Apart from their economic might, what helped the most is the way they have tested a large number of people. LDCs should try their best to test as much as they can. What the world needs to do is donate testing kits and medical ventilators to countries of Africa. Recently, the Chinese entrepreneur, Jack Ma donated millions of masks and medical kits to the African nations and other Asian countries.

  1. Improve hospitals and medical infrastructure

Boosting the medical infrastructure is not a cupcake for these poor countries and thus, the developed world should come to the rescue. Doctors from India, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc. should train the specialists of these countries so that their medical sphere can cope up with the current crisis created by COVID-19.

  1. Essential medicines need to be supplied

We have seen in various health crises previously that the biggest hit comes on the primary healthcare system. Since it is obvious that doctors in underdeveloped countries are working tirelessly, there is much more  that can be done to prevent this. It is important that Health Ministries around the world should sit together and continue the supply of essentials.

COVID-19 comes as a horrible tragedy all across the planet. As a part of the One World, One Family, we must ensure nobody is left out of the living chain. Abandoning the world’s most impoverished countries is not what the global thesis of humanity teaches us. In fact, it can create serious instability in the economic as well as medical sphere.

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