Different wallpapers for different chat in WhatsApp accessible to all Users?

Different wallpapers for different chats in WhatsApp? Can all the users access this option?

If the options are rolled out, WhatsApp will ask the users to select if they want to set the wallpaper for current chat or all chats   

In a move to make several changes to the wallpaper section, WhatsApp is expected to come with customized tools that would allow users to set wallpapers of their choice. The feature is under development at this stage and only beta users can access it.

The users, according to Wabetainfo can set different wallpapers in the beta update of WhatsApp for android. The feature tracker has also shared the screenshot to show how it will look like after the new update.

The WhatsApp will ask the user to select if they want to set the wallpaper for the current chat or all chats.  A user can have different wallpapers for different users, as per Wabetainfo. It also clarified that the feature is under development and will only be available in future.

However, the beta users can just update their WhatsApp on Android device and get a glimpse of the upcoming feature. The users will also be able to add doodles to a plain wallpaper and reduce the opacity. Once can choose between keeping their wallpaper prominent or subtle.

Although the features are under development, it will be interesting to see if the WhatsApp will roll out these features for the general audience or not.  The chatting app is also working on a few other features, such as vacation mode, auto archive chats, etc.

WhatsApp has been reportedly working on a new option for over a year that will help the users mute notification from archived chats. it will be exciting to see how the users will react to these changes once made accessible by WhatsApp.