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Is E Mail Marketing Relevant for business?

E mail marketing

E-mail is the act of exchanging messages online. Not only does it provide information more authentically, but also saves us a lot of time and money. Beginning from pigeons that first acted as messengers to sending up the emails now, the need for exchanging messages has always dominated the communicational industry.

Now, what if we add marketing strategy to an email? Will it still work as a profound tool that serves our purpose? To understand this we first need to clarify the purpose of mail marketing and find out what it actually does.

E Mail marketing:

E Mail Marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people using email. To put it simply, it is a powerful and vibrant tool that connects with people and helps build loyalty, trust or brand awareness.

E mail marketing has developed progressively alongside the technological advancements in the 21st century.  Prior to this growth, when emails were a rarity to customers, email marketing was not as effective as it is today. In 1978, Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) sent out the first mass email to approximately 400 potential clients via the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). This email resulted in $13 million worth of sales in DEC products, and highlighted the potential of marketing through mass emails. Mail marketing for business has an advantage that allows the marketers to compare and contrast the return on their investments and improve their efficiency.

More than 34% of the people worldwide now use email. That is about 2.6 billion people. While the rate continues to grow up every day, about 196 billion mails are sent or received in 24 hrs, out of which 109 billion are the business mails. Therefore, making mail marketing is a widely used tool. They can also be used to send in mails to make people aware about the changes in the company’s policy and its other vital prospects.

Still thinking Email marketing is not for your company? Well here are some more reasons to make you believe it:

  • Better than social media:

Well the first question that might strike your mind is how could social media not perform better?  While it seems to over dominate every aspect these days, social media is only considerable when you want to interact with your audience and strengthen your personal relations .While e-mail is helpful in converting these potential clients to permanent customers, a study by CUSTORA suggested 4 times growth using the B-mails for mail marketing in the last 4 years since 2013.

  • Reach customers in real time:

According to a study conducted by Litmus, more than 54% of the e-Mails were opened on a mobile. The number is so huge that it should come into consideration while planning for any marketing strategy. Not only emails but all other types of media and communication are also accessible through the same device, making it easier to draft messages and make customer realize quality standards in no or very little time.

  • Its affordable:

Mail marketing hardly costs a penny, yet is effective and efficient at the same time. It allows business owners to reach audience at mass, without having to consider the pricing factors. A joint study by and Forrester research found out that 85% of the US retailers consider Mail marketing as an effective tool better than traditional marketing. Not only traditional marketing costs too much for direct campaigns, it also lacks the authenticity compared to the B-mails.

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