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Ever charged for trivial items? These apps can help you save money!

5 ways to save money

Saving money is always ideal, be it a small business owner or a consumer. However, to figure out ways for saving money is a task.

More often we end up spending money on petty things. Saving money from such acts will ensure money for other important things. Making a decision of saving yourself from these situations can be challenging.

The following apps will make you save and make better decisions for your personal and professional needs.

1.      Digit

Digit App

Taking the efforts off your shoulders, this app makes the thinking and acting process easy for you.

Digit looks at your current income and expenditures. The amount you can save is calculated by this app and the rest is put aside in an FDIC-insured Digit account. Conducting the analysis between two to three times a week, it gives you the ability to earn one per cent savings bonus that is paid every three months. What you’ll get will be depend upon the average daily balance of your Digit account. After the 100-day free trial, a monthly fee is charged.

2.      Mint

Giving a priority to your bills, Mint never lets you run late and saves you from the penalties. The app will let you save money. Covering all your expenses and responsibilities, it will allocate money for savings.

The app also provides a free credit score. It monitors your saving and good money habits that are giving you the opportunity to get better loan rate to buy a home and automobiles.

3.      Qapital

Providing lessons on goal-setting, Qapital adds a learning aspect to the thought of saving money. It provides value of small amounts that help achieving a much larger goal.

Mostly, the purchases that you make are an uneven amount. The app rounds off your transactions to the nearest figure and put it in an FDIC-insured account. The requirement is just of connecting an account to the app.

4.      Chime

Chime is a banking app for Android an iOS mobile phones. The app comprises a spending account and debit card that is FDIC-insured. This helps in safe deposits of funds and tracking expenses.

This mobile banking app helps you save money through an automatic savings account that it offers. The app sets aside 10 per cent of every paycheck you deposit into chime and lets you save money without thinking about it.

The main advantage is that the app does not charges any overdraft fees, foreign transaction fees or fees for monthly minimums and ATM use

5.      Clarity Money

clarity money

As the name suggests, this app differentiates wise spending from the wasteful spending. This is a free app that does this by cancelling subscriptions you don’t use or need. Playing a role of human, this app negotiates your bills down to a lower rate.

To make you stay on the budget, it tracks your expenses. It also recommends you credit cards suitable for your credit needs and lifestyle. Moreover, to put your savings into, the app allows you to create a savings account.

These apps can offer you changes that add up to a larger savings. It keeps you on a track of saving more money for your future.