‘Second time’ prime minister of Sweden - Why Magdalena Andersson?
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‘Second time’ prime minister of Sweden – Why Magdalena Andersson?

first female prime minister of sweden Magdalena Andersson
first female prime minister of sweden Magdalena Andersson

Women have made a significant mark in all possible fields in the world and continue to hold their place with much dedication. Sweden is one of the world’s gender-equal countries but never had a woman as its prime minister before. After Magdalena Andersson resigned from the post of Sweden’s first female prime minister on November 24, 2021, as the Green Party left her two-party coalition when her budget proposal was rejected in parliament, she was re-elected for the same position on November 29, 2021, in a 101-173 vote with 75 abstentions.

Followed by her achievement of being the ‘second time’ prime minister of Sweden, Andersson will form a Social Democratic one-party, minority government until elections are held in September next year. She focuses on “taking Sweden forward” based on the major platforms of crime, welfare, and climate change. She confirmed to reveal her cabinet after a meeting with the King of Sweden at the Royal Palace.

Andersson’s goals for a non-violent, green, and safe country, made her win the position and also saw an agreement of the Centre Party, the Left Party, and the Environment Party to accept her as the new prime minister and start working together for the welfare of the country. After her official win, the Swedish Social Democrats tweeted, “We will break the segregation and push back the violence, create the green jobs of the future by leading the way in climate change and regaining control of welfare. Led by Magdalena Andersson – our Prime Minister!”

The latest revelations aroused many negativities from the Sweden Democrats. Jimmie Akesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats said that the Social Democratic Party is opting for a party that has links with PKK terrorist organization to form a government. Magdalena Andersson still showed a positive attitude towards her appointment and said that “It feels good and I am eager to start.”

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