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Four Start-ups encouraging hydroponics in India

Hydroponics in India

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in water or sand, instead of soil. This is carried out by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Current developments in the field of Hydroponics in India are very promising as new start-ups are deviating more towards diverse fields and innovative farming.

Growing plants requires a lot of extra care. Only expert gardeners are aware of the difficulties it involves and the special attention required for soil, light, and fertilizers. Carrying out the process correctly and expecting good produce without getting the hands dirty is not possible. However, several start-ups are working to simplify the method and make it convenient through hydroponics in India.

Hydroponics is an indoor farming technique, which induces plant growth and makes the process 50 percent faster than growing plants in soil. The method uses mineral nutrient solutions to feed plants in water and is cost-effective.

These four start-ups are leading the way in Hydroponics in India. Let’s take a look:

1. Letcetra Agritech

Hydroponics in India

Based-in Goa, Letcetra Agritech is the first indoor hydroponic farm there. It is growing good-quality, pesticide-free vegetables. The start-up was founded by a software engineer-turned-hydroponics farmer, Ajay Naik. He quitted his IT job for his passion and to support the farmers in the country. In Goa’s Mapusa, this farm is an unused shed, producing over 1.5 to 2 tons of green vegetables in 150 sq meter area such as varieties of lettuce and herbs.

2. BitMantis Innovations

Hydroponics in India

Data and IoT analytics start-up, BitMantis Innovation is based in Bengaluru. The IoT solution GreenSAGE of the company enables commercial growers and individuals to grow fresh herbs conveniently, throughout the year. A micro-edition kit, the GreenSAGE uses hydroponics methods so that water and nutrients can be used efficiently. It provides two-trays to grow micro-greens conveniently.

3. Junga FreshnGreen

Hydroponics in India

Junga FreshnGreen is an Agri-tech start-up. To develop hydroponics in India, it has joined hands with InfraCo Asia Development Pte. Ltd. (IAD), in 2017. It started with the development of hydroponics-based agricultural farms of 9.3-hectare at Junga, in Shimla.

This start-up is a joint endeavor with leading Netherlands-based Agricultural Technology Company, Westlands Project Combinatie BV (WPC). It came up with an idea to set up high-technological farms in India. The objective of Junga FreshnGreen is to create a Hydroponics farm, cultivating fresh crops, without using pesticides. The high-quality yields by them are unaffected by soil and weather conditions. The plants are grown in a protected, greenhouse environment.

4. Future Farms

Hydroponics in India

Future Farms are based in Chennai that develops accessible and effective farming kits to facilitate growing cleaner, fresher and healthier products while preserving the environment via Hydroponics in India. Through rooftop farming and precision agriculture, this start-up mainly focuses on being environmentally friendly. It develops original systems, made from fine, food-grade materials that are affordable and efficient.

Hydroponics is a technology that reduces 90 percent use of water and proves to be the best technique of cultivation. Where countries like the Netherlands, Canada, and Australia have already adopted this method considerably over the years, India lags behind as various start-ups are promoting it.

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