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Goa – A dream destination


Goa is one of the most favorable holiday destinations. You’ll find it on every person’s wish list of the places they want to travel. It is a fusion of Portuguese and Indian cultures. The state provides a plethora of things to enjoy. People mostly visit Goa because of its lively environment. They get to enjoy the freedom that no other Indian state can provide.


The thread of golden-sand sea beaches of Goa stretches from its head to toe, along the Arabian Sea. Each of the beaches have their own unique attraction points. Where the Baga beach is completely packed with people, the Morjim beach is often less crowded and one can have a peaceful time there. Goa is having beaches for all sort of moods which makes it perfect for a vacation.


The food there makes it even more exciting. It is a blend of sea species, local spices with a little Portuguese touch. The state is mainly known for its exotic sea food which includes prawns & goan fish curry with white rice.


The Indo-Portuguese culture gives Goa a unique atmosphere. Other than the beaches, the nature and food, the unusual architecture of Goa makes it more divergent from all the other places of India. Inspired and built by the Portuguese, the architecture of Goa makes it stand out in India.


It is as lively at night as it is in the day time. People like to party in Goa like they’ve never grooved before. Its lighted-up markets are totally pocket-friendly. People from all over the world are selling something or the other in these markets.


The Party state is a mishmash of insanity and peace. It has its own beauty which is unavoidable by every person. Certainly, it would be apt to say that travelling to Goa is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

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