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Gujarat elections 2017 pointers: We are readily serving the poor without any lies, says PM Narendra Modi

A day after Gujarat voted for the first phase of assembly election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed election rallies in Kalol, Palanpur, Sanand and Vadodra.

In first phase, 89 of the state’s 182 assembly constituencies in kutch, Saurrashtra and South Gujarat underwent polling and witnessed around 69 %turnout. Besides, the election commission also responded after several claims were made on the EVM malfunctioning, stating that around 0.5% of the total ballots and control units had to be replaced during the phase one votes.

The next phase of Gujarat Assembly is scheduled for 14 December and the results will come out on 18 December.

Here are the pointers to take from Gujarat election rallies by PM Modi:

  1. We give gas connections…are Ambanis, Adanis and Tatas the beneficiaries? No, the poor are. Congress should stop their lies and focus on development issues.”


  1. When our soldiers were fighting in Doklam, Congress leaders were meeting the Chinese Ambassador. When asked why, he said – to get a sense of what is happening in Doklam. Now, you tell me – in such times should we trust our authorities more or the Chinese.


  1. My Government is for the poor. I can’t understand the lies Congress keeps saying. When we build a state of the art bus terminus in Vadodara, do we do it because Mukesh Ambani, Tata or Birla use it? No we make this to serve the poor. Our lives are devoted to serving the poor.


  1. When I first stated my intent to ensure electrification of villages in Gujarat, the state Congress leaders mocked me. They said it can never happen, they also asked me- you have not headed a Panchayat how can you promise this. We proved them wrong, ensured villages get power.


The agenda of BJP has always been to work for the deprived section of the society, and it was no different this time. Whether only used as a political agenda to gain votes or otherwise. It seems obvious that every rally that Prime Minister does sees a lot of support and a positive outcome.

As, we gear up for the forthcoming second phase of elections, it would be quiet interesting to see if Congress can turn the tide and come up with a big win this time.

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