Happy Women's day - Lets actually celebrate the Women this time!

Happy Women’s Day – Lets actually celebrate the Women this time

Women's day

So it’s Women’s Day today! Girl Power, Feminism, Women empowerment, gender equality…We have so much to celebrate and talk about.

Apparently, there are no fewer precedents set by women —beating the odds, taking charge of their own lives, challenging the status quo and soaring right through the glass ceiling. And what not!

Well, from Homemakers to our Corporate darlings, these women are surely taking the world by a storm, and how!

For the entire week, I’ve been coming across every other post around them. Newspapers and magazines have been painted all pink. My phone and email have been abuzz with ‘Happy Women’s Day’ messages and how I should pamper myself on my special day. Much appreciated! And yes, It does feel special and all that.

Well, not that the day is hurting anyone, but what most of us don’t realize is that the idea behind it is already cliched and ‘subtly sexist’ in itself. It has become so superficial that it is almost nauseating.


Apparently, there is this thing with ‘sexism‘ that it is seemingly innocuous and ‘so mild’ that most men fail to even realize it. They can’t see it through. And it hardly changes the fact of how sexism is still alive and kicks in almost every other conversation with them.


Women's day


Clearly, all these ‘Women’s Day’ posts about the achievements of ace women entrepreneurs, doctors, the first female pilot or even a leading politician, seem to concur along the same lines:

“Okay, it wasn’t expected out of you to do well here. Unlike other women, you are really good at it.” So, ‘just in case’ you cannot beat a man in his own game, you’re nothing but incapable and lack ambition in life.

My dear ladies —even if you haven’t written a best-selling novel or don’t run a Fortune 500 company like your father or brother— Nothing makes you any less of an unabashed Woman. Let no one tell you otherwise!

Because we have ‘a lot’ to celebrate this women’s day!

The whole notion of Women’s Day has been reduced to nothing but a marketing gimmick, with top-notch fashion houses, salons and pubs offering 50% discounts to women or the same old ‘women empowerment’ speech by politicians playing their own little games.

Women's day

Amidst this, we’ve lost the sight of what’s really important. There are a number of important issues which need to be addressed. The streets still remain unsafe. And, all they do is just talk. Year after year. Not that things have improved an inch! The incidents of sexual harassment in the #Metoo movement only exposing the grim reality.

Dear men, if you feel that you can’t even talk to a woman after the #metoo movement, it reflects more of YOU!


 So, if not anything, we can perhaps wish that by the next Women’s day, we’re done away with its pseudo notions and this world is a better place for every woman out there.

Until then, Happy whatever!!

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