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Apparently, here’s all what makes you a ‘Certified Wine Person for life’


“Wine”. All the wine lovers smirk when they hear this word, while the rest delight!

Well, there are various levels of wine devotion, from casual drinkers to oenophiles to winos. And then we have the Master sommeliers and Wine SNOBS!

Regardless of where you land on the spectrum, there are a few signs that say you are meant for a LIFETIME of WINE.

 NOTHING repulses you as much as a bad wineWine

The discontent of bad tasting wine is completely understandable. After all, it has to be nothing but the BEST… right?

From vintage wine accessories to the latest ones, you’ve had them all!


As a hardcore wine lover, you invest in all sorts of wine accessories. Be it the different kinds of glasses, wine racks, corkscrews for every occasion, decanters, wine stoppers, you have them all! Also, your annual wine budget happens to be at par with your other major expenses……… And you have absolutely no problem with that 😀

Deciding between red and white seems like a tough choice! Ummmm…….. …. ..??

If you say you aren’t skeptical when it comes to making a choice of wine, we say you haven’t tried the best ones yet! With an assortment of the most amazing wines available, it actually becomes difficult to decide what to have and what not.

With every sip of wine you’re transported to a whole new world


Nothing stirs up your senses like wine. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! True lovers of wine know that it is way more than just delightful. They would agree about it having a cosmic connection. To them, it seems wine was invented to make the skeptics believe about MAGIC. Well, it is not called ‘bottled poetry’ for nothing.

You even start to sip water like you’re sipping winewine

With your world revolving around wines, you eventually start to sip every other liquid like wine.

You collect more wine than you drink


The rarest of the wines happen to be among the most sought after collectibles.  As a wine lover, you’re always on a lookout for the best and rarest of them.

You know the best wine and food pairing

Having tried and tested almost everything with wine, you know every food that accentuates its taste.

And finally, being a professional wine taster is the best job in the world according to you!


No doubt about that… right? We can bet on this! You make wine disappear, that’s your SUPERPOWER.

And what better than doing what you like the most, and being paid for it! Well, one wouldn’t mind working for free in this case.

wine tasting

And while you complete reading this, it must be Wine-O-Clock already!!!

Relatable much? Let us know in the comment section below!

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