India is Pushing Boundaries of Experimentation and Alcohol

From a Casual Beer run to a sophisticated Wine soiree, India is Pushing Boundaries of Experimentation and alcohol

The life of single malt lovers with curious taste buds has taken a healthier and tastier turn with the collaborative secrets of the alcoholic beverage industry. There is an eagerness to experiment, and traditional preferences are largely irrelevant. In addition to one of the fastest growing beers in the world, Bira 91, companies like Malabar Secrets and Genfiddich have built a strong portfolio of liquor aiming to drive the global shift in beverages towards more unique and diverse flavours.

Popularly called the drops of heavenly pleasure, these elixirs are the perfect blend of spice extracts to add to your non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. They are power packed with nutrients of naturally extracted herbs and are a delicacy that everyone must try at least once in their lifetime.

A new step in innovation has been taken by Glenfiddich by reinventing the single malt serve with Malabar Secrets’ naturally curated elixirs. This collaboration with Malabar Spice to launch ‘Glenfiddich Experiments’ has brought about revolutionary offerings to add to your add on drinks with your meal. The menu is believed to be a concoction of thoroughly researched recipes with ground-breaking experience and innovative additions that promise to be a revolution for single-malt lovers.

As the times are changing, people have started choosing finer drinks over cheaper and regular drinks. Individuals are more curious and seek to discover new exciting things in life. However, one thing that remains constant on the road to discovering your favourite drink, is fun time with family and friends that includes wine, beer or single-malt pleasures.

With the new collaboration of the single-malt pioneers, you can now experience the tantalizing taste of spice-infused beverages without having to sacrifice the essence of your favourite single-malt. Cheers! Indeed.

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