Indian-founded companies promoting growth of new-age tech start-ups

Indian-founded companies that are promoting growth of new-age tech start-ups

A decade or two back, no one would have ever imagined that a time will come when farmers will be able to predict crises and act accordingly to mitigate losses on crop yields beforehand. Fast forward to today and we have precision agriculture and digital farming which, through GPS and data analytics, have been making farming efficient and sustainable.

As far-fetched as anything may sound, nothing is impossible when we have technologies like AI in place. The key is leveraging them in the right way to reimagine businesses and make them more agile and flexible. When it comes to technology, India too is not far behind, if not far ahead of the global superpowers. Several Indian-founded companies have been fostering growth of new-age tech start-ups across various industries.

Venture Capital Fund HealthQuad is one of the companies that has been giving wings to early stage tech companies which have the potential to disrupt the healthcare landscape. From leadership teams to business models and products, several factors are considered before it proceeds with its investment procedures for a particular company. Medikabazaar, AINU and Himpact are some of the firms that Healthquad has pitched in investments for so far.

Boundary Holding is another such company that has been identifying investment opportunities within the tech domain. Though based in Luxembourg, Germany, it is founded by an Indian AI entrepreneur Rajat Khare. It seeks to provide opportunities to the start-ups with revolutionary ideas and helps in actualising them. From the manufacturer of aerial robots like Elistair to AI analytics company like Konux, it has several companies from various industries within its investment portfolio.

With the business landscape undergoing massive transformation, putting focus on technology has become the need of the hour to solve the complex real world problems. While the number of new age tech start-ups stands in thousands, for them, challenges lie in garnering investments that are indispensable for their growth. Therefore, such business ventures that seek to bridge this gap within the start-up ecosystem are quite laudable.