Love in the Time of Tinder: Swiping Romance on Screen

Love in the Time of Tinder: Swiping Romance on Screen

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Changing history of romance, we discuss the dawn of dating apps in India

As the end of the year and decade is here, the millennials trace back their love scenes as nostalgia hits them. In 2012, we found Tinder and it was love at first sight. ‘No labels’ and ‘Ghosting’ became the default settings. Collectively a game of swipes and super likes started. Now no one is looking for a happily ever after, the Princes and Princess are more about ‘send nudes’ and making ‘new mistakes, every day’.

“Now, with a hope of ‘Netflix and Chill’ in our eyes, we are trying to find someone single, someone interesting and coping with laughter at our failed attempts.”

Online dating apps in India, grew up in a decade. Even, I was introduced to Tinder on a desperate night when I was attempting to find love, excited with the mixed algorithm of romance, hooking up and dating I felt like I had the solution to the ‘equation of love’.

Tinder’s footsteps were followed by Hinge, OkCupid and now we have Bumble, where women make the first move, making dating apps more user-friendly. Although the question remains, for the generation who is now immersed in swiping on the faces of strangers – can they ever experience the old school love of mixed tapes and landline calls.

Before the creation of these dating apps, people used to call their school crushes, hoping that the call is not picked up by their parents, notebooks were exchanged with letters, best friends acted like matchmakers and hand-holding in cinemas defined the old-school love. Dating was a slow process, which included a gradual discovery of the person.

 “Cutting back to 2019, we’re all ‘tindering’ trying to find our Rajs and Simrans without Snapchat filters”

dating apps

These best dating apps in India, have opened the door to what lies outside. Personally, I became more comfortable in my own skin and met really interesting people, from commitment seekers to the seekers of “just a good time”. We can continue to complain about how these apps have ruined romance, but I’m guilty of watching myself navigate through the ocean of bad choices. After all, you can’t understand the importance of unfiltered love till you get a taste of what it’s like on the other side.

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