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Microsoft surprises its Android users with increased functionality

The tech-giant Microsoft has come up with a new functionality yet again, to surprise its Android device users. Microsoft’s note-taking application One Note, has now become a lot more comfortable to use on Android devices after its latest update.


The application for Android has a pack of new features, which can help users work better with stylus and organize the content on a smaller page. The features are rolling out to its users in India as well, and are available in One Note version.

The following update adds the Lasso Tool, available till now only to its PC users. It allows users to copy any part in a hand written note and paste them in another handwritten note. Besides, the users can select anything from the numbers, letters or drawings from note by drawing a circle around with their finger or using stylus. Interestingly, it also provides a feature to convert handwritten notes into typed texts, if users want to copy paste anything. Besides, not worrying about the original format, which can also be retained with Lasso Tool.

What’s more, the size of the images saved in a note with simple gesture controls, can be changed. Users can move the image and text file anywhere they wish to by tapping and holding them. The size can be easily modified by pinching on the screen with two fingers- while you pinch inwards, the size will reduce, and while you do it outwards, the size will increase.

Clearly the features after update, are worthy of a celebration for its Android users.