PUBG ban by government may not be entirely politically motivated

Caught up in Controversies: Ban on PUBG may not entirely be politically motivated

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PUBG Mobile has been banned in India by the government on the grounds that the app is a threat to national sovereignty and integrity. Aside from PUBG Mobile, over 117 other apps were also banned, namely Knives Out, Arena of Valor and Alipay. The ban on PUBG was planned way before it became a politically motivated decision to ban over 100 apps. After the government first banned 59 apps in June and then later in July, the list of apps to be considered for a ban included PUBG Mobile.

Now that it has been banned by the government, people are looking to find alternatives to the game. However, this is not the first controversy that has surrounded the famous game, PUBG Mobile. The hugely popular game has faced bans and controversies before in India, with multiple government officials calling it out as being harmful for the education of students. Here’s a look back at some of the big challenges that the game has faced in India in the past.

  1. The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association had asked the governor of the state to ban PUBG due to the poor 10th and 12th board results.
  2. PUBG Mobile was banned in Rajkot for creating a negative impact on the minds of players. The Rajkot Police issued a notice stating that anyone can complain against someone playing the game and if found guilty, strict action would be taken.
  3. There have also been news reports alleging that the game has caused violence and blaming PUBG addition for violent acts in the last year or two.
  4. The game also included a feature that was rolled back because it was alleged that it hurt the religious sentiments of some players, in June this year.
  5. A teenager in Punjab reportedly spent Rs. 16 lakhs from his parents’ bank accounts on PUBG Mobile earlier this year, to upgrade his character in the game. Another teenager — also in Punjab — used his grandfather’s Paytm account to spend Rs. 2 lakh in the game.



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