Queens of today: How Jewellery boosts a woman’s self-confidence

Queens of today: How Jewellery boosts a woman’s self-confidence

Ever since we begin to understand the world, women subtly find their liking in the beautiful pieces of bling. Whether it is your first store jewellery visit with your mom, or scrolling through the internet, we all have gauged and droll over jewellery pieces that we wish to own someday. Thinking about it, jewellery has never been just a piece of adornment for us, but a worthy possession that boosts our confidence.

A well-designed arsenal of elegant earrings, necklaces and bracelets will probably serve women better than any piece of clothing, which becomes out of style within a matter of days. Jewellery is a classic, it never goes out of style and value.

Inspired by traditional designs and giving them a modern makeover, the jewellers today craft designs using distinctiveness and charm as the basis for defining their style statement.

Wearing your diamond-studded solitaire ring or going as simple as chic gold earrings, no woman can deny that wearing danglers or diamond studs make her feel empowered and a lot more confident.

“Loving my hoops today! I feel like a strong force to be reckoned with as I match my favorite jewellery outfit and catch friends for a cup of coffee,” wrote Shruti Pathan, a famous Instagram blogger. The post soon caught a thread with thousands of women writing “You Go Girl” and secretly admiring the jewellery she endorses. Such is one story from the thousands of women who take on to social media, adorning jewellery like a boss.

What value does jewellery bring to modern women?

Deeming women’s jewellery synonymous with strength, jewellers have been focusing on empowering them through their offerings. Seeing the glow and confidence that jewellery brings to women, they look forward to extending that to every customer they cater to.

“Today, it’s still about adornment, but what I also aim for is empowering women. I am surrounded by strong women who put themselves out there in the world, and to whom jewellery works like a magical talis­man, as it brings confidence and acknowledgement,” said a renowned jeweller.



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