Recovery Rate of COVID-19 patients significantly increases in India

Recovery Rate of COVID-19 patients significantly increases in India

Recovery Rate of COVID-19

Covid-19 patients’ recovery rate in India climbs up to 25.19% from 13% in a couple of weeks

The recovery rate of COVID-19 positive patients in India has climbed to 25.19% from 13%. As mentioned by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare on Thursday, the recovery rate was much less than fourteen days ago.

“A dynamic change in Covid-19 patients’ recovery rate has been recorded over the last couple of days. Approximately 630 recoveries have been recorded in 24 hours, taking the total recovered number to 8,324. The total rate has increased to 25.19%,” said Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Health Ministry.

In India, the current fatality rate is at 3.2% for Covid-19 with the percentage ratio between men and women standing at 65% and 35%, respectively.

“As laid down clearly by the government, we will be utilizing RT PCR tests only,” Aggarwal added.

On Wednesday, Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan had shown that the constantly multiplying rate of Covid-19 positive cases is currently at 11.3 days since three days, and the death rate because of the extremely infectious disease is at 3%.

The worldwide death rate is around 7% and India’s standing at 3% has been extending hope for all those who have been infected by the disease.

About 86 percent of those patients who have been suffering from Covid-19 have pre-existing sicknesses like BP problems and diabetes.

Over 1718 new coronavirus cases have been recorded in the country in the last 24 hours, totaling 33,050 positive cases. A total of 1,074 individuals have lost their battle against this deadly virus, leaving the number of total active cases of COVID-19 in India at 23,651.

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