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Rise of Indian Women Entrepreneurs in social commerce

Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Better adoption to language, community, and price points is the key

A slew of new formats such as chats, videos, and live in-app telecasts on social commerce sites has opened more avenues for budding women entrepreneurs in India. Akshay Gulati, Co-founder of Shiprocket said, Women, in general, are able to garner three to four times higher repeat orders.

In a study of about 1900 online sellers, a logistics technology platform for small businesses found besides Flipkart and Amazon- top online marketplaces, women entrepreneurs account for the majority of the sales. The highlighting factor was about 68% of these women hailed from smaller towns in India.

According to the study, this rise of women sellers in the online marketplace can be attributed to the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, among others. Fashion, beauty was the topmost categories, the Shiprocket study found.

Women sellers are now able to gain the better trust of the consumers, as for many of them it is an opportunity to earn a livelihood for themselves. The future preferences would also depend on language, community, and price points.

“Their internet habits are yet to be shaped and will be content and discovery heavy,” said Mukul Arora, a partner at venture fund SAIF Partners. A new set of the solution has to be defined for the women to gain maximum prominence in the business. Founders of social media platforms are now also guiding women on how to build a career.

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