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Ryan International School murder: CBI says accused researched types of poisons and fingerprint-removal methods

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Days after the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) in Gurugram remanded a minor accused of killing Ryan International School student Pradyuman Thakur in September, the CBI revealed that the accused had researched types of poison and ways to remove fingerprints prior to the murder, according to media reports.

The CBI, that is investigating the case, reviewed details of the internet searches that the accused conducted on his mobile phone and laptop with regard to poisons and fingerprint smudging, Hindustan Times reported. He looked up methods to remove fingerprints from the weapon (a knife) that he intended to use to commit murder, the report stated.

“Investigators suspect that after killing the student by slitting his throat, the accused deliberately threw the weapon, a knife which he procured a day before the murder from Sohna, in the commode of the toilet where the incident took place on 8 September,” the report quoted a CBI source as saying.

On Saturday, the JJB sent the apprehended teenager — who is a Class XI student of the school — to an observation home until 22 November.

The student, the agency claimed before the JJB had earlier admitted his involvement in the crime in front of his father and an independent witness.

Earlier that day, the CBI escorted the suspect to the Ryan International School to recreate the scene of the crime. He was reportedly asked to explain the chain of events that unfolded on that day as the team took various measurements and recorded time, among others things, needed to commit the crime as part of a corroborative exercise, officials said, adding it was done to ascertain the claims of the accused.

CBI sources also told PTI that officials used a dummy in the form of a soft toy to recreate the murder. The Indian Express reported that with this exercise, the CBI has wrapped up custodial questioning of the accused.

CBI’s application, which was submitted to the JJB, confirmed that the agency did not request further custody of the teenager. “Custodial interrogation of the child in conflict with law is almost complete and he is no more required in custody. At present, he may be sent to an observation home,” the report quoted the application as stating.

Meanwhile, reports said that the father of the accused alleged that the CBI was torturing his son — a claim strongly refuted by the investigating agency. “My son is being tortured, he was hung upside down and brutally thrashed. He is completely innocent,” a Times Now report quoted the father as saying.

Responding to the claims, PTI reported that the juvenile court had appointed an independent welfare officer to monitor the investigation and questioning of the apprehended student. Sources told PTI that the officer, a completely independent entity, remains present during the questioning sessions and also whenever the accused is taken to a particular location.

On Sunday, the CBI blamed the local police, saying the investigation into the murder has revealed illegality and destruction of evidence by Gurugram Police, according to reports. After facing pressure, the Haryana Police accepted that errors were committed during the probe.

According to DNAGurugram Police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar called a meeting of the first investigating team, which had arrested bus conductor Ashok Kumar as the murderer. The policemen admitted that they had erred and that they didn’t watch the CCTV footage carefully, the report said.

The DNA report added that Khirwar has asked for an explanation of the botched-up probe, including details of the police officers who analyzed the CCTV footage.

Ashok Kumar, who met his family for the first time on Saturday after being told that he is no longer the main accused in the case, has sought bail and has expressed the desire to go back to his old job after his release.

After being told that the focus of the investigation has shifted to another suspect, Kumar said that he will file a case against the Haryana Police and the school management for torturing and defaming him, according to the Hindustan Times.

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