As the time is passing, I see a little more addition of love in the air, along with the addition of pollution in it. And so, I always cover my face while breathing. Yes, I am single , enjoying my singlehood and saving myself from changing my relationship status.

I wonder why anyone would want to miss on the perks of being single.

A lot of things that you enjoy being single, can be taken away just in three words. Yes, the universally famous three words! So, let’s just think before we speak and know about the plenty of benefits that you enjoy in you ‘Singlehood’.

  1. There is no compulsion of calling or texting back someone when you really are NOT IN A MOOD to. And this is the best part of being single for my kind of people, who, sometimes, stay away from their phones for a whole day or two.singlehood
  2. You do not have to GIVE REASONS and explanations to anyone other than your parents while going out anywhere with anyone. Like seriously! Why to make an addition to the authorities already ruling you?singlehood
  3. No extra expenses on anyone, except YOURSELF. Well, that’s really a perk! I’d rather buy myself some extra expensive lipsticks than to spend my mind thinking about a Valentine’s Day gift.singlehood
  4. You can always STAY CRAZY, like you are, than to pretend nice and sweet all the time. So, it’s better to be single with the crazy friends than being in a relationship.singlehood
  5. Stay away from relationships to STAY AWAY FROM STRESS. Singlehood is to remain free from all kinds of pointless arguments. Why welcome the drama when you can stay peacefully? And not to forget, life already provides a lot of problems.singlehood

And above all, you can always LOVE ALL, than just loving a single person.

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