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Skincare in smog season: Here’s how to protect your skin from air pollution

The skin has defensive mechanisms that help fight free radicals that exist in polluted air by secreting fats and oils called lipids that act as a barrier against these pollutants. To strengthen this mechanism there are certain tips that one should follow to ward off skin diseases, say experts.

*Cleansing the skin: With high acidic levels in the air, the skin tends to get dry making it vulnerable to penetration of harmful particulates that are free flowing in the air. The skin needs to be kept moist therefore, cleansing the skin is a good option. Use a cleanser that does not rob your skin of all the moisture.

*Using a toner: After cleansing the skin, it is essential to neutralise it with a good toner. A gentle, soothing toner helps remove oil and traces of dirt and grime on the skin, ensuring there are no acidic particles stuck to the skin.

*Scrubbing: Once the toner has been applied evenly, treat your skin to mild scrubbing. The face scrub can be used on all the body parts that were exposed to air. Mild scrubbing twice a day will ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed of all the dirt.

*Using facial oil: Instead of using a moisturiser, facial oils prove to be more beneficial. It acts as a barrier which does not allow outside pollutants to penetrate the skin. Once you cleanse your face it is very important to apply a good facial oil that will moisten your skin and protect it from the harmful air pollutants.

*Wear a sun block as it shields not only against UV rays but also to protects against pollutants in air.

*Cleanse your face using baby oil/ coconut oil on a cotton pad first followed by your face wash with cold water. It will ensure deep cleansing from inside the pores pulling out even the most stubborn bacteria / pollutant settled onto your skin. Replenish with using a toner to tighten the pores and a nourishing moisturiser

* Supplement your diet with necessary anti-oxidants rich in Vitamin C, E – which are excellent for skin texture. Broccoli, spinach, peanut butter being some rich sources.

* Prepare a hydrating fluid for on-the-go skin care. Cut few slices of watermelon, green apple etc and drop them into your water bottle. Keeping sipping the nourishment all day long. This keeps your skin extra hydrated with the presence of fruits. Detox water helps clear skin from within to reverse the effect of pollution.

* Use a face mask at night to replenish lost nutrients. For example, a papaya mask is rich in vitamins and antioxidants . Turmeric mask helps clear skin. Potato mask help reduce dark circles.

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