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The way some celebrities spend their fortunes will even make the rich feel poor

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Life is nothing but a bed of roses if you’re born with a diamond-studded golden spoon. The ideas run wild and crazy when you have lots of money backing your leisure pursuits. Well, the wealthy and rich celebrities live a way different life from the rest of us.

Listed below are some of the craziest ways the well-to-do enjoy their opulent wealth.

What’s life without a private jet?

how celebrities spend money

For the super-rich, life is all luxuries and extravagance.  They fly lavishly with the greatest comfort.  These people own the biggest and most expensive private jets in the world, apart from a few helicopters, million-dollar yachts and tiny planes here and there.

Because Jaguar and Audi’s are too mainstream

how celebrities spend money

While most of us can just dream of owning a luxury car, these super-rich celebrities aren’t amused by them. They own the most lavish, gold and diamond-studded cars.

Did someone just talk about hunting expeditions?

how celebrities spend money

These hunting expeditions of the well-to-do aren’t for cheapskates. It can cost up to thousands of dollars to hunt the big animals. Well, where is PETA?

How does a toilet seat of gold sound like?

how celebrities spend money

With all this spark and shine, this fully-functional, solid gold toilet seat is used by the Saudi Arab’s King’s daughter. Wonder what the washroom actually looks like.

Private concerts by the most sought-after artists

how celebrities spend money

While everyone dies for getting a glimpse of their favorite celebrity, the super-rich calls them to their places.

Exotic pets that live better than you

how celebrities spend money

Petting a dog or a cat doesn’t suffice these millionaires. They spend time playing with the most exotic pets like lion and tigers.  Well, this comes with a heavy price tag.

Personal ATM, because standing in the queues is not even an option

how celebrities spend money

Queues don’t even exist, that’s for sure! Be it a concert, ATM, or anything. These celebrities have their personal ATM’s for withdrawing them gold bricks!

 We know the list doesn’t end here. Want to add more? Let us know in the comment section!

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