Three siblings garnering funds for medical equipment in India

Covid-19 respite by three siblings garnering funds for medical equipment in India

The second wave of Covid-19 has left India vulnerable and shook the nation to the core. During such challenging times, a number of individuals have come forward to the nation’s respite. One such story is of three Indian-American siblings who were able to garner over USD 280,000 for medical supplies in the country.

Founders of ‘Little Mentors’, a nonprofit organization contacted their school friends and relatives to gather funds for arranging medical supplies like ventilators, oxygen concentrators and beds for those in need in the capital city.

The fifteen-year-old triplets, Armaan, Karina and Gia Gupta, said, “Our only request is to return it (the equipment) when it’s not further needed as the next patient can use it.”
They further stated that judicious use of the medical equipment is pivotal due to the shortage of supply and on the contrary, the demand is huge.

The trio of siblings also said that they would maintain a database of the population in need so that the supply could be directed to the disadvantaged properly.

The team of siblings asked for collective help to accomplish this enormous task at hand. They believe that they are fortunate to work with an excellent team of physicians from India and the US both and are working towards getting more vaccine supplies.

Earlier, the triplets reached out to senators and congressmen to put in a request to lift the curbs on critical supplies.

“Although we hope and pray that this second wave of the coronavirus will go away soon, we are getting ready for the worst and asking people to be careful and help each other in this major crisis,” the siblings said.

The group also plans to open distribution centers in major cities.

Though it’s true that none of us can help all of us but every one of us can help someone and when we do that, it makes all the difference!







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