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Simple & Effective: 3 unique drinking games

drinking games

Bored of the usual night stay? We’ve got a list of drinking games that will make your next plan a memorable (forgetful for some) one:

Drink Per Second

All the participants must have a drink (not shots) and the trouble begins. Rules are simple:

  • Prepare chits with numbers denoting the turn for each player. Alternatively, you can use a randomized count on your fingers.
  • Shuffle a deck of cards and spread it horizontally with all cards facing down. Remove 1 and 2 from the deck.
  • Each person selects a card.
  • Now, in the determined order, each individual reveals his card.
  • The number written on the card is equal to the number of seconds given to finish the drink. Picture cards denote 10 seconds. (Can be changed unanimously)
  • If the drink is not finished in the given time, they have to TRY AGAIN with a new one.
  • Repeat the process with a new order of player turn.

Tipsy UNO

If you’ve got a deck of UNO, this game will get the night going. Here is how to play this drinking games:

  • Shuffle UNO and distribute 7 cards to each individual.
  • After one individual wins UNO, he/she chooses one player out of the remaining participants who have to drink/ have a shot.
  • Similarly, the next winner decides one from the remaining players and the cycle continues.
  • If you’re the last one, we’re almost sure you won’t remember it tomorrow.
  • Variation: If a person calls the Last Card, but cannot win in the immediate round, he/she has to drink.

Mixed Pong

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted as this will get your squad drunk in the shortest time.

  • You need 9 glasses arranged in a triangle and one pong (table tennis ball)
  • Fill each one with a different liquor (Scotch, Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Beer, etc.)
  • You can do the same with 2 different liquors or alcohol and water separately.
  • Divide teams.
  • Variation 1: Opposition has to drink the glass with pong.
  • Variation 2: You have to drink the glass with pong.

Comment your experience in the morning! 😉

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