Want media coverage for your Business? These tips are sure to help you!

Want media coverage for your Business? These tips are sure to help you!

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Media Coverage Hungry? The first thing you need to do is stop going all M.C.H. (refer to the first three words) in a journalist’s inbox. Take out a few minutes to go through this article to prepare an OP (on point) press-ready pitch.

Well considering the super tight schedules of journalists, we need to come up with something valuable that is sure to capture their attention. It can be your expertise or your story that sells itself.

Don’t stress any more for getting featured in renowned publications. Here are a few tips to crack open those spots.

Drop a ‘THIS IS IT’

If you really want to write something that speaks to the publication, something that is the right fit for them, get the research done and know what you are targeting.

Let’s say if the publication’s posts follow a ‘Top 10’ format, then this is what your article should follow too. Give it to them like it’s their own.
Analyze the trends and patterns the organization follows and offer them the pieces that will sit perfectly well in the publication. If personal essays are what they publish a lot, then maybe give them one of your finest first-person articles, sharing your valuable experiences.

Pique them with your Story

Media people are always on a hunt for something authentic with a unique blend to it. Provide them with your story and let them know what went into the making of your company or brand.

You need to give them a reason to cover your story so it’s better to help them with bloopers and behind-the-scenes action to keep it real! The right thing to do is to paint a complete picture than to simply get down to promotional business.

Lay down the complete story from where it began and the motivation behind what you do and why you do.

Go for a relevant shot

More current the matter is, the merrier will be the journalist to run your story.

Make it your agenda to link your pitch with a recent story or an awareness date. Use tools like Google Trends to learn the trending topics and timeanddate.com to know about observances and holidays across the globe.

Grab the attention with your Headline

Make the journalist stop through the scrolling spree with an engrossing subject line. Keep the headline informative, to the point and crisp which right away gives the essence of the story.
Keep the eyes on the focus of the article and also inculcate ‘power words’ like amazing, essential, must-have, absolute for positive conversion.

Keep it sweet and simple

Include everything that is important, but do not go for long-winded articles. Use bullet points to enlist the main ideas if needed. Keep the story simple, don’t dive into that technical vocab. All is well when the reader gets the worthy part easily without struggling to get the catch.

Are you Media-Ready?

If you have a website, update it, be ready with facts and figures and handful information because the journalist will usually jump on to your website after you contact them. Prep yourself up for additional questions and make the best of these opportunities.

Aim for the right nerve and go grab that spot for your story!

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