Where Business Meets Performance: The All-New HP Elite Dragonfly

Where Business Meets Performance: The All-New HP Elite Dragonfly

HP Elite Dragonfly

After hitting the streets back in 2019, the HP Elite Dragonfly series has undergone major overhauls and is now back with a bang. The Dragonfly series was envisioned by HP to revolutionize its line of premium business laptops and it has certainly done so.

The latest models which were unveiled earlier in January this year have left the onlookers star-struck. Armed with the latest Intel 11th Gen processors and the option to accommodate up to 32GB Ram, the revamped series is sure to leave its competitors in the dust.

HP will release 2 versions – the HP Elite Dragonfly G2, which is an upgrade over the G1 and an all-new Max. Both the version will retain the standard 13.30-inch touchscreen with the Max being only HD capable. The G2 can be configured to use either HD or 4K display systems.

The Max is essentially an upgraded version of the G2. It boasts of a 5-megapixel webcam for the online boardroom meetings with better microphone arrays for superior video and audio performance.

The battery life of the “new” HP Elite Dragonfly series deserves a special mention. The laptops have exceptional battery performance for those long hours of work, enabling uninterrupted working hours for 8 plus hours at a time.

Both the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 and the Max come with 5G options. With Jio announcing their plans to introduce 5G networks in India by the latter half of 2021, this should be a major crowd puller.

The laptops come with HP’s built-in privacy screen and also retains the Tile tracking system introduced in 2020.

The G2 is expected to fetch somewhere around Rs 1.5 lacs, with Max priced slightly higher. However, with exceptional quality and performance to boot, the HP Elite Dragonfly series seems to be quite promising.

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