Pulwama Attack l What is the issue with Kashmir Youth

Pulwama Attack l Where does the problem lies with the Kashmiri youth?

Pulwama attack, Kashmir

It was on 14th Feb that the nation lost its brave soldiers for a sacred cause when a convoy of their vehicles was passing on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway. The deadly attack that took place in the Pulwama district not only took the life of 49 CRPF Personnel but also exposed some chinks in the armory.

The Pulwama attack was obviously unfortunate and condemnable, but there is a need to look at some obvious reasons that may have led to this attack. Adil Ahmad Dar, the suicide bomber who carried out the Pulwama attack was barely 22. He was a student, a cricket lover, and a Dhoni Fan. But, why did he choose the path, which not only resulted in the death of 49 CRPF personnel but also ended his life in a split second?

Pulwama Attack, Kashmir

I think the reason lies in the root cause of the Kashmir-Issue. The 72-year long Dispute has resulted in the death of thousands of young men like Adil. The recent situation has been nothing short of precarious, with young boys taking up arms and encouraging others to do the same.

If we go back to 2016. We may be able to draw some lines closely related to the Pulwama attack. Adil Ahmad Dar, a teenager was riding his bike in the native village in the afternoon. He was asked to stop for routine checking by the security forces, who took out his phone from the pocket and started exploring the gallery. They saw photos of militants carrying weapons, which obviously resulted in anger and frustration among the security personnel. He was beaten for his mistake and asked to rub his nose on the ground for the grave sin.

Adil Ahmed, Pulwama attack, Kashmir

Adil was not the first or the last youth to carry the pictures of militants on his phone. Over the last few years, many young boys have been impressed by the militant leaders, who also seem to be getting a lot of support from the locals to fight force with force.

The people of Kashmir are often left frustrated by the continuous shutdowns, and they tend to find solace in exploring the internet. But, when the internet goes off, the frustration further creeps in. The rising cases of pellet-victims and bullet survivors are only adding fuel to the fire. When the stone-pelters are detained, they are subjected to interrogation day in and day out. Many of these boys end up being militants, making a case for an organization like Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, LeT, Jaish and others to expand their control.

So, where does the problem lie? It surely doesn’t lie in making young boys rub their nose, beating them up for carrying photos of militants, interrogating stone-pelters, snapping internet, having prolonged shutdowns, throwing stones on the army bunkers or fighting force with force. It neither lies in asking the Kashmiri students and businessmen to leave from Indian states.

The solution to the Kashmir problem lies in accepting the young boys, broadening their vision, giving them the technology to express themselves and stop them from looking elsewhere. The resumption of talks between India, Pakistan and the Kashmir leadership is highly important as well, to resolve the core Kashmir issue once for all. India needs to take action as soon as possible in order to avert the likes of an attack as gruesome as Pulwama attack in near future.

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