Work from home: A win-win situation for employees as well as employers

Work from home: A win-win situation for employees as well as employers

Work From home

Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid development in global economy and technology have increased the number of people working from home. However, leading ‘work from home’ employers claim that letting people working virtually is beneficial not just for employees, but for the employers as well.

Working remotely has gaining popularity as a trendy way to save cost and improve productivity. Wondering how letting your employees work from home can benefit you as an employer? Take a look at these pros of letting your employees work from home:

  1. Increased productivity

It is commonly assumed that letting employees work from home means they’re sure to slack all day and miss the deadlines. However, studies have found a telecommuting staff to be more productive than those with a regular office job.

2.       Reduced hassle

Working from home means that the employees are saved from the everyday hassle of rushing to the office every morning.  Employees can start their workday earlier and dedicate more time to the job while working from home.

3.       Eco-friendly operations

As a remote employer, each member of your workforce greatly reduces his/her carbon footprint by not having to commute into the office. Less office supplies used and less cars on the road help a lot in creating a cleaner environment.

4.       Healthy employees

A healthy workforce means a more productive one, since they take fewer personal days for doctors’ appointments. An employee who might otherwise need to take medical leaves or even quit because he/she can’t make it to the office anymore, might continue with the company if allowed to work from home.

5.       ‘Work from Home’ draws loyalty

Liberty to customize their schedule helps the employees balance their professional life and personal life in a better way. They feel grateful towards the company, and this gratitude manifests itself in the form of loyalty. A loyal staff equals great productivity, which is great savings.

The benefits of letting your employees work from home don’t end here. Several companies are reaping major benefits on the financial front, while the employees save the money they would spend on commuting. Letting employees work from home also means that the employer doesn’t have to shell out money for the rent of the office, electricity bills, telephones, stationary, etc.